Wednesday 19 June 2024

Book Review: Ballad of Sword and Wine by Tang Jiu Qing (BL Fantasy)

Ballad of Sword and Wine
Tang Jiu Qing
Seven Seas Entertainment
4 June 2024
BL Fantasy
Bought Copy


Shen Zechuan is the eighth son of the traitorous Prince of Jianxing, a man who doomed his cities and people to destruction at the hands of the foreign enemy. As the only surviving member of his reviled line, Shen Zechuan bears the hatred of the nation. And no one's hate burns hotter than that of Xiao Chiye, the youngest son of the powerful Prince of Libei.

Xiao Chiye would love nothing more than to see Shen Zechuan dead, but against all odds, he clings to life. Rather than succumb to his family's disgrace, he becomes a thorn in Xiao Chiye's side, clawing his way into the cutthroat political world of the capital. Yet as these two bitter enemies struggle against the bonds of their fate, they find themselves drawn together with a force neither expected--and neither can hope to resist. 

I came to Ballad of Sword and Wine with no prior knowledge of the book. It took me a few chapters to get into this one, compared with other danmei I have loved from the start, but once I got my head around the setup and world building, I was caught up in the story and characters, in particular the main pairing. After a fiery final chapter in this volume, I am keen to see where the next book takes us. I don't see it toppling any of my current danmei faves off the podium, but it was still enjoyable, so I plan to read on to the end. I am giving it 4 stars.

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