Wednesday 12 June 2024

Film Review: The Lines That Define Me (2022) (Drama)

The Lines That Define Me (線は、僕を描く)
Koizumi Norihiro (Director)

A story of a young man who finds his wounded soul restored through the world of Sumi-e, a traditional style of black ink painting. (Synopsis)

The Lines That Define Me was a beautiful coming-of-age film in which the protagonist was inspired by sumi-e and the people he meets through it, and them by him in turn. It was an uplifting story, expertly paced and acted, and I also enjoyed seeing all the lovely sumi-e paintings as well. It's a film that makes the viewer want to go out and create art too. I already liked sumi-e, but this film gave a further boost to my appreciation of the art form. I am giving the film 5 stars.

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