Sunday 16 June 2024

Night of Death and Flowers by Rebecca L. Garcia (Fantasy Romance)

Night of Death and Flowers
Rebecca L. Garcia
27 June 2024
eBook - EPUB
Fantasy Romance
ARC via NetGalley

Some fates are carved in stone.

Others are created with blood.

For most people, Dahryst is a haven for witches, safeguarded by the gods from the human pursuers. But, for Calista, her home is a perilous place.

Wielding a power reserved for the God of Death alone, she must conceal her ability or perish.

However, when she decides to stop the Harvest—a tournament to the death set on the sacred ground of Tenenocti Island—she risks not only revealing the truth and becoming targeted by the elders, but also putting her best friend's life in jeopardy.

When Azkiel, the God of Death returns, after being absent for over a century, an ancient prophecy is unveiled, foretelling his downfall at the hands of Calista. But when secrets unfold, the God of Death is force to forge an alliance with Calista, further intertwining their fates.

Will she be able to resist the darkness in her veins, unveil the ancient mysteries shrouding her, and stop a vengeful god to save herself and her loved ones? Or will the journey lead her to pay the ultimate price and lose everything she holds close? 

Before launching into my thoughts on Night of Death and Flowers, I should note that I had trouble with the EPUB file, which downloaded to Adobe Digital Editions fine but then crashed the software whenever I tried to transfer it to my e-reader. This meant I was forced to read on the PC, which I don't like doing as I spend long enough on there as it is. I am noting this as it likely also affected my feelings while reading.

In regards to the book itself, there was a lot of potential here through an interesting story idea featuring many of my favourite fantasy romance tropes. However, there were some issues that prevented me from liking it as much as I'd anticipated. First off, while I acknowledge this was an ARC and that problems could well be fixed by now ahead of release, there were a LOT of typos, becoming more frequent in the second half of the book -- enough that they caused confusion at times and were highly distracting. In addition, the pace was slowed by frequent repetition of thoughts and information we'd already been told and didn't need to be reminded of in every chapter, accompanied by a lot of telling rather than showing. With some tighter editing, there is definitely a worthwhile and enjoyable story here, but in the state in which I read it, I can only give it 3 stars.

I received this book as a free eBook ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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