Saturday 29 June 2024

TV Review: Brain Works (2023) (Comedy-Drama)

Brain Works (두뇌공조)
16 episodes
Comedy Drama

Putting aside their disdain for each other, a kindhearted detective and an arrogant neuroscientist team up to solve a series of mind-bending crimes. (Synopsis)

Brain Works was such a fun drama on so many levels. I loved the "opposites-attract" bromance between the two main characters and how they went from semi-enemies to friends over the course of the series. I also enjoyed the cases the two had to solve and the psychology behind the perpetrators. The was also a wonderful blend of genres in the piece, which was part crime series, part drama and part comedy. I would laugh in one scene only to feel emotional in the next. I could see myself watching this a second time and still enjoying it just as much, so I am giving it five stars.

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