Saturday 6 July 2024

Book Review: Case File Compendium Vol. 2 by Rou Bao Bu Chi Rou (Fantasy BL)

Case File Compendium Vol. 2
Rou Bao Bu Chi Rou
Seven Seas Entertainment
11 June 2024
Fantasy BL
Bought Copy

“The game of death begins now.”

Only weeks after the fire at Chen Kang Psychiatric Hospital, Huzhou University is plunged into chaos by a spate of murders that seem linked to what happened at the mental institution—and to the deaths of Xie Qingcheng’s parents. Desperate for answers, Doctor Xie takes matters into his own hands, and He Yu offers to help, driven by childhood memories of Xie Qingcheng’s fleeting kindness. Yet when they unearth long forgotten secrets from Xie Qingcheng’s past, a terrible truth shakes He Yu’s grip on reality.

With lies and self-delusion laid bare, a confrontation between the two men is inevitable—but how will He Yu and Xie Qingcheng cope when the reckoning takes a more intimate turn? 

I loved the continuation of Case File Compendium in this second volume. The plot began to ramp up, as did the steam levels between the two main characters, leading to a memorable final few chapters that left me eager to see how things will progress once we get into volume three. The pacing of this volume was good and fast too, which kept me frantically turning the pages. The only thing that bugs me about this story is the author's insistence in using phrases like "manly men" or "exuding a young man's scent" which quickly become cringe-worthy, and the more they appear, the more off-putting I find them. Despite that niggle, I am still enjoying this series, though, and I am giving this volume 4.5 stars.

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