I am a qualified freelance editor and proofreader and I am happy to hear from indie authors regarding any projects with which you would like assistance. My basic standard rates are set out below, but I can also offer quotes by word count. I tailor each quote based upon review of a sample chapter, and my aim is always to provide the best service at the best possible price.

I studied editing through the Australian College and received my Diploma in Editing and Higher Diploma in Publishing in 2012. In addition, I hold a BA (hons) English with French and a PGDip in Translation. I have completed editing work for several small presses and indie authors, reviewing fiction manuscripts in a number of different genres and styles.

For more information, or to request a no-obligation quote, please contact me at:  
nickijmarkus AT y7mail DOT com

Standard Rates
Structural Editing - $30/hour
This is where a manuscript needs major edits, including a review of the structure and pacing of the story.

Copy-Editing - $25/hour
Standard copy-editing focuses on content, grammar, punctuation and formatting. This is for works that require a solid review but no major structural changes.

Proofreading - $20/hour
Standard proofreading checks for spelling, punctuation, grammar and formatting. This is a final review on a document that should, in all other respects, be ready for publication.


"Having published twenty-one books to date, I can truthfully say - at last - I have found the perfect editor to work with. Ms. Markus is not only highly professional but has the additional quality of creating a working rapport with someone known for his extreme temperament." Robin Anderson

"I haven't met a lot of people who are as great as Nicola is at organizing her work and that of the people she works with. She's extremely efficient, she's always on time, and she's an incredible editor. Her ability to spot even the most insignificant error is astounding. It's always been a pleasure to collaborate with her on any project we worked on together and I hope we get to do that again in the future." Alina Popescu