Sunday, 23 April 2017

Book Promo: Nature of the Beast by Aimee Brissay (LGBT/Paranormal)

Nature of the Beast
Aimee Brissay
22 April 2017 

One mistake is all it takes for all hell to break loose.
After sorceress Alexandra tries to kill her insane father, her fae uncle expels her from the Otherworld to keep her safe. Living among humans, she wants nothing more than to leave her past behind. But working for the vampires and the werewolves doesn’t shield her for long.

When she saves a hurt werewold pup, Alexandra inadvertendly breaks the bond tying him with the pack and becomes his new alpha. This unhear-of shift exposes her to all kind of dangers, but it’s the least of Alexandra’s worries.

Back in the Otherworld, her father has not forgotten her and dispatches an assassin to kill her. But just who is this mysterious foe, and what will their arrival mean not only to Alexandra but to the delicate balance of the world?

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Weekend Blog Hops - 22 April 2017
Would you stop reading a book if an element of the plot strongly clashed with your personal beliefs, or would you continue reading until you finished?
I would keep reading. One of the joys of reading is the opportunity it offers to experience cultures and situations different from those with which you are familiar. Another person's beliefs don't threaten my own. It's interesting to see the world from diverse points of view.

Author Interview3 - Rick R. Reed

Today I welcome Rick R. Reed to the blog to answer a few questions for Interview³ and to share a little about one of his works.