Free Reads

The following short stories are available as free reads on my Tablo page. Enjoy!

Awaken to the Night by Nicki J. Markus
A young woman wakes in an abandoned house in the middle of the Australian bush with no idea how she came to be there. Now she must travel though the night to find help. But will someone ... or something... find her first?
(Paranormal/Horror/Short Story/Heat Rating 1)

Flash2 by Asta Idonea
Two MM flash fiction tales, each featuring a different paranormal creature.
(Paranormal/Mermen/Zombies/Heat Rating 1)

It's a Dog's Life by Asta Idonea
Peter loves Jake and hopes to woo him at a fancy dress party. However, nothing goes entirely to plan.
(MM/Heat Rating 1/Contemporary/Flash Fiction)

A Joke... or Nine by Nicki J. Markus
When a trickster god decides to have a little fun with modern technology, there's nothing his hapless victim can do but go with the flow.
(Contemp./Humour/Mythology/Short Story/Heat Rating 1)

Not A Night For Mischief by Nicki J. Markus
A seasonal tale of a young man who falls foul of Krampus.
(Season/Krampusnacht/Short Story / Heat Rating 1)

Saturday Century Shorts by Nicki J. Markus/Asta Idonea
A collection of 11 100-word flash fiction tales, originally posted one per month on my blog between Feb and Dec 2016.
(MF/MM/Multiple Genres/Heat Rating 1)

A Study in Taste by Asta Idonea
Anna is a selfish girl who gets lost between the stacks of the library. Monsters are not only in books.
(FF/Heat Rating 2/Paranormal/Flash Fiction)