Review/Promo Requests

If you are an author looking for reviews or promo spots on my blog, please read on.

Promo Spots/Blog Tours/Interviews
I am always happy to host fellow authors, and I welcome cross-promotional opportunities.
If you have a new release or blog tour planned, feel free to drop me a line to discuss.
In addition, I run a weekly author interview series. If this interests you, again please get in touch and I can send you the link to sign up. Please note, however, that these interviews are currently booked out months in advance.

I do accept some review requests. However, due to time restraints, I cannot say yes to everyone and will give preference to those books that most appeal to me in my favoured genres. (Check out my Goodreads page to see what I'm reading/have read.)
If you wish to request a review, please email me with details of the book, including blurb, publication date, page/word count, and any deadlines if you need it reviewed within a certain time frame.
Please do not send unsolicited eBook copies; I will contact you if I agree to review. Thanks.

Contact Email: njm AT nickijmarkus DOT com