Thursday 3 March 2011

Author Promotion Plans

I was thinking randomly yesterday and came up with a few ideas for my blog etc.

1) As soon as I have some spare money, I plan to get a new hosting package and maybe exchange my author site's domain for a simpler .com one. I will no longer renew my old Moonlit website domain name because most of the stuff I used to put on there is now on here or on my author website. I may as well just have the one domain and save on doubling up.

2) Rather than only nattering on about myself and book reviews on this blog, I am going to open it up a little, try to get some other authors to come on over for interviews and giveaways. Hopefully we can get some cross promotion going and I'll get some exposure out of it as well as helping others promote their work.

3) The same goes for my Writer's Update ezine. I have done one a month on the first three editions, but it is only about my releases. I think I will drop editions to one per quarter, but try to also put some interviews and promotions about other authors in there too. I might start with my fellow authors at Wicked Nights and then expand from there.

So that's the plan. Finding time to do everything will be a major drag once I am employed again (possibly as soon as the next fortnight), but hopefully I can make it work!

If any of you are interested in coming over to my blog for a guest post, doing a promo for you latest book in my magazine & blog or doing an interview for the magazine & blog - let me know, I'd love to hear from you!

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