Friday 29 April 2011

Month in Review - April

I write email updates once a month to send to my friends and relatives in the UK and other countries now that I am living in Australia. I thought maybe I'd also do a shorter version on my blog so that you can see what else I've been up to other than reading and writing. So here is April in review....

Still keeping busy with the books. Got through a few this month and my TBR list has dropped to 18, which is getting better - so long as I don't see any others I want in the next few days! ;)

Theatre & Cinema
Still no theatre so far this year, though I booked to see Daniel Boys in June and I hope to see A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum next month. We are just waiting for Corey's new work roster before we book.

At the cinema I saw My Afternoons With Margueritte, which was a delightful little French film. I won tickets to that one in a giveaway.

Still temping away. I was off a bit this week due to illness, but I'll be back there on Monday. They have asked me to stay till 3rd June, so I have full time work until then at least. The people are nice and it's good to have some money coming in again, but I am really missing having free time to write. I've hardly written a word in the last two months, though I hope to rectify that soon.

Got a high distinction for my first assignment on my editing course and just sent in the second assignment. Hopefully I did OK on that one too. Also I started my 6 week course in designing effective websites. That's going OK but is a bit dull so far, unlike the editing course which is really interesting!

Waiting to hear from the venue to confirm final timings so that I can work more on the invitations. We have the honeymoon booked now and rings and engagement shoot photos should be ready to be collected in the next couple of weeks. Also my earrings arrived that I had ordered online and I am very happy with them.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by The Wormhole! I am a new follower. I just bought two of your books from Smashwords! The Time Keepers series - can't wait to read them this weekend!