Sunday 22 May 2011

In My Mail Box #3

Ok, I don't do this meme from The Story Siren every week, but since I had a few new books this past week or two, I figured I'd join in today!

Here's what I've received lately:

Print Books
  • Divergent by Veronica Roth (Blog Giveaway Win)
  • An Embarassment of Riches by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (Bought)
  • Darkness Dawns by Dianne Duvall (Blog Giveaway Win)
  • Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris (Bought)

  • Theodora: Actress, Empress, Whore by Stella Duffy (NetGalley)
  • Zombies Don't Cry by Rusty Fischer (Blog Giveaway Win)
  • Hemingway Point by Nora Carroll (Author Review Copy)
  • Angel Omnibus (NetGalley)
  • Buffy series 8 vol 1 (NetGalley)
  • Buffy series 8 vol 2 (NetGalley)
  • Buffy series 8 vol 3 (NetGalley)
  • Buffy series 8 vol 4 (NetGalley)
  • Buffy series 8 vol 5 (NetGalley)
  • Buffy series 8 vol 6 (NetGalley)
  • Buffy series 8 vol 7 (NetGalley)
  • Buffy series 8 vol 8 (NetGalley)
  • Promote Your Book by Patricia Fry (NetGalley)
  • First We Read, Then We Write by Robert D Richardson Jnr (NetGalley)

I also got some new DVDs lately that I couldn't resist mentioning too!
  • True Blood - series 3
  • Being Human - series 3
  • Supernatural - series 1-5 box set


    1. Hope you like ZDC, Nicki!!! Happy zombie reading...

    2. Thank you Rusty, I have to get through a few NetGalley ones - but yours is high up on the list after that.

    3. You got some awesome books this week. I loved Dead Reckoning and can't wait to read Divergent. Happy Reading.

      My IMM:

    4. Ooh, 'Supernatural'? I keep meaning to get that!
      I collect the Buffy/Angel/Spike comics, which SJ thinks is just a waste of money but they are SO GOOD!
      ~S. xo