Friday 1 July 2011

Follow Friday #15 / Book Blogger Hop #15

Well, I've missed Follow Friday the last few weeks as I've been really snowed under with other stuff. But now I'm back, and it's question time!

Q. ACK! Your favorite book/movie character just walked into the room! Who is it and what would be your first reaction?

OMG, it's Comte Saint Germain from Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's historical vampire book series! Aside from the rapid beating of my poor heart (sure to attract his attention, right?), I would creep up to his manservant, Rogerian, and check which version of his name his master was currently using, so that I could address him correctly as I swoon into his arms.

Book Blogger Hop

Q. What keeps you reading beyond the first few pages of a book, and what makes you want to stop reading a book and put it back on the shelf?

I like to be drawn in by the characters, story and setting. I want to feel that excitement from the first pages, though I will only rarely give up on a book if I don't find that initial spark. I'm reading one at present that I am about a quarter through and not finding very gripping. But I will press on and finish. I have only given up on two books ever: The Forest People and Tristram Shandy.


  1. I've never read Chelsea Quinn Yarbo's books been hearing good things about them. Just saying hello and checking in.

  2. Yes, sadly there are books that have characters and story boring enough that you must can't keep on reading. Old follower. Have a nice weekend!


  3. Hi & Happy Friday!

    I have never heard of this series but it sounds great.

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    Have a nice weekend.

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  7. New follower here. I wish I were more like you and not give up easily on a book. I find sometimes the writing can annoy me or a character may disappoint and I abandon it.

  8. Good answer.
    I do try to give every book a chance but don't force myself to continue reading a book that doesn't grab me.
    Have a good weekend
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    I love your blog. I'm a new follower just hopping by to say hello.

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  10. I don't know why I keep reading a book. It's not the story. It's not the characters. I really don't know!

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  11. I rarely give up on a book too. I'm always worried it will get better and I might miss out on something good.

  12. I have a hard time giving up on a book, too. The only one I didn't finish was Eat, Pray, Love because the lady kind of annoyed me and I just didn't care how it turned out.
    I'll have to stay away from The Forest People. :)

  13. Yours is a unique answer- Comte St. Germain hasn't come up yet in the hops!

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  14. I feel the same exact way about what draws me into a book!

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  15. Hopping through. I don't need to feel a spark initially, but I do have to feel it eventually. If after 50-100 pages, I'm bored, I'll probably put it down.
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  16. Hey I found your blog through Parajunkee's Follow Friday, and I'm your newest follower. I love your blog!

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  17. I haven't heard of this series before but a historical vamp series sounds fun. I'm a vamp girl.

    I found you on follow friday and am sticking around to follow.

  18. I give a book at least 50-100 pages before I stop..I rarely do, though.

    I think I have only put down five books that were truly not my style.

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    Elizabeth OLD FOLLOWER

  19. New follower here. I have a hard time giving up on books as well, but if it's just that hard to get into, I've learned my time is more valuable. :) Our post is here.

  20. I completely agree about wanting to feel excitement right from the beginning!

    My thoughts are here: