Friday 25 November 2011

GFC - Ways to Keep Following Me

No doubt by now most of you will have seen the information circling the blogsphere with regards to GFC and the fact that it will no longer be available for anyone outside Blogger from March 2012.

A good number of my followers are with Blogger and will therefore not be affected (for now at least), but if you think these changes will affect you and you are still keen to follow me (I hope you are) you can look at one of the following options:

1) Subscribe to the RSS feeds (links for this on my sidebar a bit below the GFC widget).

2) Follow me on Facebook. At present I only link some of my posts to Facebook, but will start linking all if that becomes necessary.

3) Follow me on Goodreads (link also in left sidebar under Facebook link).

4) Follow by email (also in the sidebar).

Thanks everyone and I hope you'll all still keep in touch!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for this very helpful information! I follow you through Blogger- but I guess I need to find out more about this, as I didn't realize it would have such an impact on followers when I read briefly about it on another site. I will have to look into it!