Sunday 6 November 2011

Return of the Bride

Hi everyone!

Well, I am finally back online again after my wedding blogging hiatus. The big day went well - no problems and a good time had by all from what I have heard. I still have a few weeks to wait before we get to see the official pics, but I will share some with you as soon as I can - I may get a few 'unofficial' ones from family and friends in the meantime.

Corey and I had a lovely 10-night honeymoon in Tasmania. I was a bit ill (a cold) during the trip, but was still able to enjoy it. We visited some amazing places and had some time for relaxing too.

My parents are still here this week and we'll be doing some sight-seeing with them, but they fly back to England next weekend and then I should be back to normal with my online schedule. posting etc. I just requested a couple of books on NetGalley, so I hope to be back in the swing with my reading soon too.

Also next week, I hope to start on the second draft for the full-length version of Time Keepers. I will keep you posted on that as things progress....

Nice to be back with you all and I should be caught up and back to routine in the next week or so.


  1. Congratulations again and welcome back


  2. I have a letter for you on my mantel piece. I know, I know: How are you supposed to read it when it's on my mantel piece? I forgot to post it this morning, so I will do so this evening instead, and you should have it before the end of the week. ;)
    Glad the honeymoon went well - look forward to hearing more of your news soon.
    ~S. xo

  3. Welcome back! Congratulations. Glad to hear the wedding was fun and everything went well. That stinks that you weren't feeling your best on your honeymoon. Have fun seeing some sights with your parents. :)