Sunday 4 December 2011

Crescendo (Hush Hush # 2) by Becca Fitzpatrick - Book Review

Title: Crescendo (Hush Hush #2)
Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Publication Date: October 2010
Pages: 427
Format: Paperback
Genre: YA / Paranormal
Source: Bought Copy

Nora Grey's life is still far from perfect. Surviving an attempt on her life wasn't pleasant, but at least she got a guardian angel out of it: a mysterious, magnetic, gorgeous guardian angel. But, despite his role in her life, Patch has been acting anything but angelic. He's more elusive than ever and even worse, he's started spending time with Nora's arch-enemy, Marcie Millar.

Nora would have hardly noticed Scott Parnell, an old family friend who has moved back to town, if Patch hadnt been acting so distant. Even with Scott's totally infuriating attitude Nora finds herself drawn to him - despite her lingering feeling that he's hiding something.

Haunted by images of her murdered father, and questioning whether her nephilim bloodline has anything to do with his death, Nora puts herself increasingly in dangerous situations as she desperately searches for answers. But maybe some things are better left buried, because the truth could destroy everything - and everyone - she trusts.
(Goodreads Synopsis)

So, I finally got around to reading this second book in the Hush Hush series after picking up a copy for a good price at the shops last week.

Overall my impressions of the plot were good. I liked the continuation of the story from the first book and the storyline kept me interested from start to finish; although, I had worked out the twist before it was finally revealed in the last few chapters. It was plot and pacing that got this book three stars as the characters just didn't do it for me.

In my review of the first book, I commented on my apathy towards Patch and sadly that continued in this book. Despite the fact many people rave about him, I just find him rather dull. I didn't mind Nora in the first book, but in this one she annoyed me with her jealous whining. I have to say, the events of this book could have been resolved quicker and with less bloodshed if Patch had just talked to Nora about what was happening and if Nora had stopped her hissy fit long enough to listen to him. That was what spoilt the book a little for me and led to a three star, rather than a four star, rating - the characters and their actions/inaction just irritated me.

But still, I liked the cliff-hanger ending and it did leave me interested enough to want to read on and see what else will happen in the next book.

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  1. Ugh, I was SO dissapointed by this book, though I did appreciate the cliffhanger--despite not normally enjoying them.

    I'm glad you liked this one, though!
    Patch SERIOUSLY creeped me out in the first book. I do like him, but understand your feelings.