Saturday 25 February 2012

Sissi: Schicksal einer Kaiserin by Gaby Schuster - Book Review

Title: Sissi: Schicksal einer Kaiserin
Author: Gaby Schuster
Publisher: Loewe Verlag GbmH
Publication Date: 1999
Pages: 317
Format: Hardback
Genre: Historical Fiction (German)
Source: Xmas Gift

This is the last book in the Sissi trilogy by Gaby Schuster, offering a fictional account of the life of the real Empress of Austria. This third instalment details the later years of the Kaiserin's life, including the suicide of her son, Crown Prince Rudolf, and her assassination by Italian anarchist Luigi Lucheni.

I enjoyed reading this book, but I didn't find it quite as engaging as the previous instalment. The narrative plodded a little and there were still the POV issues. But the fact I already knew what was going to happen when probably didn't help as I found myself anxious to get there all the time.

Even so, for fans of Sissi, this is a great series to read. It would also interest those keen on Austrian/European history and the Hapsburg family.

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