Saturday 28 July 2012

The Yellow Clutch Society by Denesha Sheree - Excerpt Post

Today I welcome Denesha Sheree to the blog. Denesha is here to share an excerpt from her new release The Yellow Clutch Society.

Enter the lives of Three ladies, who longs to be apart of the most prestigous social club in the city of Richmond VA. The infamous tale of "The Yellow Clutch Society" is heart pounding and loaded with lustful but tasteful suspense. Readers says, "This is a tale that has never been told before and will have you sitting on the edge of your bed with chills"

“Brittany Speaks”
While her hair Stylist Brushes her hair

At the first stroke of the brush, my tongue became numb as if someone had shot me with a dose of Novocain. My body became paralyzed. At the second stroke of the brush, stood the yellow clutch that I have been longing for since I was a teenage girl. I placed my hand upon this clutch only to feel the walls of my vagina contract. I wanted to explode, because the throbbing sensation on my passionate place of business was overwhelming. As I pried the clutch open, money began to pour out, which turned me on even more.

Upon me climaxing, I felt the third stroke of the brush, and immediately things went sour. I saw a man wrapped in a bloody yellow sheet. I couldn’t blink nor breathe. Words can’t describe the type of sadness that came over me. It was as if someone had snatched my soul. Funny thing is I couldn’t feel the fourth stroke, I only heard a faint whisper telling me to open my eyes. When I opened my eyes, I could feel my body unlocking. I jumped up with fear as I turned around looking into her eyes. I began to stutter and walk backwards trying to get as far away from that place as I could. I fell flat on my ass tripping over a foot stool.

“Girl, are you ok?”

“Uhm… no I am not and don’t touch me.”

“What is wrong with you, I have to finish your hair. I can’t let you walk out of here like that.”

“If I let you finish my hair, you can’t use that brush.”


I didn’t want to make her think I was crazy, because maybe I was just dreaming.

“Because it put me to sleep, I have to be ready for my appointment and I don’t want to be too relaxed.”

“Ok, that is fair enough.”

You can tell she was making small talk so that I would feel comfortable. When she finished, my hair felt like pure satin. She only charged me twenty five dollars and my hair looked like a million. Even though I was terrified, I just may go back.

As I got in my car, I could feel her watching me. She waved goodbye and closed the curtain. To tell you guys the truth, I was still thinking about that crazy ass dream. About ten minutes after pulling off, I noticed there was a hat box in the passenger seat of my car. Dag, I’m throwing this shit out because it could be a bomb or something. I rolled the window down and tossed the box out. Upon me looking in my review mirror, I could see the box flying open. Holy shit guys it’s the damn yellow clutch. I slammed on breaks with hopes of someone not rear ending me. I jumped out to chase the purse. I swirled through traffic while hearing people shout for me to get my stupid ass out the way. When I finally grabbed the clutch, I could hear police sirens.

“Brittany Bryant, get your ass in the car and pull it over to the nearest curb.”

Aww shit, that ain’t no one but Yanis, Sedericka’s husband.

Dag, he’s on his way over to the car, and I can’t even stop laughing.

“Girl, what the hell you doing holding up traffic on some shit you shouldn’t have been tossing out the window in the first place.”

He couldn’t stop laughing either.

I reached in my seat and pulled up the yellow clutch.

“Dag, you and my wife, with that stupid yellow clutch shit. So you finally gained entry huh?” 

“I’m so excited. I can hardly wait to get together with Nissi and your wife to talk about it.”

“Well what if it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be, then what? Man, I’m telling ya’ll, don’t be surprised if the outcome ain’t no good.”

“I will cross that road when the time comes fool.”

“That’s cool just make sure you don’t impede anymore traffic.”

“Alright take care.”

Author Bio

Denesha Sheree was born to a gifted artist who allowed her to express her creativity through her life. She expresses her work as a true Pisces as many describe her as being an escapist but idealistic person. Denesha Sheree realized her talent when she was approached by a professor who advised her to consider publishing her creative writings. Busy with academics, she went on to obtain a degree In Linguistics Studies. In the year of 2004, Denesha began to journal a book called Two Faced which later became Tredina's Portal.

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