Sunday 5 August 2012

Georgian & Regency Houses Explained - Trevor Yorke - Book Review

Title: Georgian & Regency Houses Explained
Author: Trevor Yorke
Publisher: Countryside Books
Publication Date: December 2007
Pages: 128
Format: Paperback
Genre: Non-Fiction / History
Source: Bought Copy


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The Georgian and Regency house conjures up a distinct and much admired image. Elegance, refinement and beautiful proportions have made this period an inspiration for later architects and a popular choice for today's house buyer. Using his own drawings, diagrams and photographs, author Trevor Yorke explains all aspects of the Georgian and Regency house and provides a comprehensive guide to the houses of this notable peiod. The book is divided into three sections, outling the history of the period; stepping inside the different rooms and their fittings, what they were used for and how they would have appeared; and the final section contains a quick reference guide with notes on dating houses, suggestions for further reading, a glossary of unfamiliar terms and details of places to visit. (Goodreads Synopsis)

This is not the most riveting of books, but it does contain some interesting information that will be of use to me as I write my new book set in a Regency house.

The information on facades and layout of the rooms was pretty good, but I had hoped for a little more on the furniture, too, which the book didn't really go into, so I will have to look elsewhere for that knowledge.

Still, it was worth the money I paid for it and is an interesting and useful resource for anyone interested in the architecture and housing of the Georgian and Regency periods.

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