Sunday 19 August 2012

Silver Threads by Jade Kennedy - Book Review

Title: Silver Threads
Author: Jade Kennedy
Publisher: Valley Press
Publication Date: 31st May 2012
Pages: 28
Format: E-Book - PDF
Genre: Poetry
Source: Review Copy from Author

'Silver Threads' is the first collection of poetry by Jade Kennedy, one of the most recent literary talents to emerge from the city of Hull. Like the 'white wild flower sprung up between the cracks' of her opening poem, Jade's poetic voice has its roots in urban reality, its attention fixed at the sky, and a considerable elegance of its own.

The poems are filled to the brim with rich, descriptive images to savour, illuminated by moonlight and a scattering of stars - and a sincere respect for our literary heritage, with subtle nods to Robert Frost and Virginia Woolf along the way. Put simply, this is a collection that deserves a place in your life and on your Kindle; download it now to see why.
(Goodreads Synopsis)

This is a delightful collection of poems by a very talented writer. Kennedy's grasp of the English language is stunning as she weaves beautiful, evocative images in the space of a few short lines. These poems really captured my heart and mind and are definitely ones I could return to again and again, getting more out of them each time. If poetry is your thing, I can highly recommend checking out this collection. 

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