Tuesday 20 November 2012

First Look: The Beauty and Inspiration of Travel Volume 1

Today, I just want to tell you a little bit about a book I have coming out on 1st December. Now, this isn't one of my usual offerings; it is an anthology of travel-related stories in which my own tale of meeting my husband while on holiday features. A number of other great ladies are involved and here is a first look at the cover and blurb....

The Beauty And Inspiration Of Travel
Volume I

Travel is the most amazing school of life: It uplifts you, enchants you, captivates you, thrills you, and changes you forever. It guides you toward unimaginable adventures. It brings you new friends and lovers. And it teaches you the most important skill of life: the art of being you.

Twelve passionate travelers have opened their heart and shared their intimate, inspiring, amusing and even quirky views on travel, encouraging you to open your mind and soul to the magic of faraway journeys. 

The Beauty and Inspiration of Travel is a heartwarming book filled with wanderlust, gusto and joy of life. A perfect book for those who seek to spice up their life, find their next adventure, or just dream of their perfect place over a hot cup of tea. 

 Participating Authors (in alphabetical order):
Kathryne Arnold
Shobhan Bantwal
Angela Butler
Barbara Conelli
Kat Duncan
Patty Friedmann
Lyn Fuchs
Nicki J. Markus
Valerie Ormond
Patricia Sands
Susan Van Allen
Victoria Vetere

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