Saturday 24 November 2012

New E-Reader - Yay!

So, my mother and sister decided to club together to get me a new e-reader as I'll turn 30 29 again in a few weeks' time.

My past e-reader, a Kobo, was coming up two years old and was an old button-pushing model, no touch screen. It served me well and was still going, but it was starting to wear a bit and I was keen to upgrade.

So, they sent me the money through and I went and bought a new one last week - the current model Sony Reader. I just charged it up this morning and look forward to testing it out in the coming days.


  1. Yeah... so I'm jealous!!! I really want an e-reader!!! Grr it's gorgeous lol
    Shae @ Understanding Shae's Story

    1. Hi Shae
      Add one to your Xmas list! ;)
      The prices are getting really reasonable now, which is great. I did pay a bit extra for the fancy cover, but it may come in handy....

  2. I love the red and the way that the light pops up. I lvoe my eReader. I hope that you enjoy it even more than the other. Happy reading.
    - The Reading-ista