Monday 3 December 2012

Excerpt Post/Promo - Adudan by Dario Giardi

Today I welcome author Dario Grardi to the blog, to tell us a bit about his novel, Adudan. Read on more more info and a sneak peek extract.

Adudan is Dario Giardi’s debut novel.
A love story that will take you on a journey filled with action, poetry and passion. An innovative novel that mixes fantasy, urban fantasy and paranormal romance in a single unforgettable adventure in which the heroes become masters, victims and pawns in the events that mark their destiny.

The author has decided to gamble everything by self-publishing on the Amazon platform both for the Italian market and shortly for the international market too (the English version will be launched in September).
Follow these links to see two booktrailers entirely produced by the author in collaboration with young artist, Cecilia Luce.

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 Book Blurb

"Only when you no longer fear death will you be able to write your own destiny"

Marcel lives on a small island off the coast of Brittany. He dreams of becoming a famous writer but in his dreams he discovers his destiny and his true identity.
A dream journey that takes him to the magical world of Atlas. There he finds out that he was Railen, the elite guard of princess Adudan.
For Marcel those visions are the first piece of a story whose roots go back to the dawn of time.
Memory by memory, he begins to piece together his past, narrating to us the events that forced him to part with his beloved Adudan.
Dogged and constantly threatened by the Draconians, a cruel alien civilisation, the two lovers must separate in order to protect the Crystal of Atlas.
But they can’t run forever, the day will come when the Draconians manage to track down the Crystal; and when that day comes mankind will have to be ready and trained to defend itself and write its own destiny.

Technical note
The novel is in kindle ebook format and can also be obtained in hardcover copy directly through Amazon.

By downloading the kindle application for free and creating an Amazon account you can visualise the file, even without a kindle reader, on various devices: android or apple tablet, ipad, iphone and android mobile phones and you can also read the file straight from your computer with Windows or Apple.


The sun was setting. A refreshing breeze ruffled her long, black hair, making her big gold and diamond earrings dance.

Before me laid the landscape which could be admired from the Platinum Tower.

A flock of goleans was flying through lily-white clouds just above the surface of the sea.
Those gorgeous creatures danced in the air, singing their sweet refrain.

It was all so harmonious, so absorbing, as it had always seemed to me since I was chosen as Crystal priestess Princess Adudan’s personal guard centuries and centuries ago.

With a delicate movement, almost afraid to disturb the enchanting view of the three moons, I wrapped about her shoulders a blue silken cloak brocaded in silver with depictions of the flowers of the Tree of Atlas.

It had been woven two years earlier, precisely during the flowering season, and to produce another one like it, I thought, another eight years would have to pass. How unjust that such a wonderful plant should flower so rarely, but if such was the will of the Crystal, who was I to pass judgement.

The horn on the altar sounded: Adudan had to prepare herself for the evening ritual.

Author Bio

Born in Rome in 1977, Dario Giardi works as a researcher in the field of environment and energy. His passions are music and photography and he ha a great love for writing.
He has written the tourist guides Bretagna: natura, arte, poesia e mistero tra oceano e cielo and Roma: misteri ed itinerary insoliti published by Polaris.

Nominated for various literary prizes, he has published short stories in anthologies and magazines.

twitter @dariogiardi

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