Tuesday 8 January 2013

The Icing on the Cake by Juliet Stallwood - Book Review

Title: The Icing on the Cake
Author: Juliet Stallwood
Publisher: Watkins Publishing
Publication Date: 14th March 2013
Pages: 176
Format: E-Book - PDF
Genre: Non-Fiction / Cookery

Source: ARC via NetGalley

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Welcome to the world of baking and decorating! Whether you’ve never picked up a cookie cutter or a piping nozzle before or you’re an experienced baker, this book will show you how easy it is to transform a humble cake, cupcake, biscuit, cake pop, macaroon or other baked treat into a stunning creation. Juliet Stallwood runs a bakery specialising in decorated goodies and is renowned for her unique and imaginative designs. For the first time she is sharing her secrets in a book. 
(NetGalley Synopsis)

My mother used to make beautiful cakes and I always enjoyed helping as a child, For many years as I got older, I didn't do any baking, but I recently started again and love the decorating aspects.

I found this book full of inspirational ideas and some lovely designs. For the most part the instructions seem clear and easy to follow, but it is obvious I am going to need to invest in some more equipment to take my own cakes and biscuits to the next level.

In a few instances, I would have liked a few more step by step pictorial guides, but overall this is a great book for the cake enthusiast, from beginners to the more experienced.

I received this book as a free e-book ARC via NetGalley.

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