Monday 18 March 2013

King Stakh's Wild Hunt by Uladzimir Karatkievic - Book Review

Title: King Stakh's Wild Hunt  
Author: Uladzimir Karatkievic  
Publisher: Glagoslav Publications  
Publication Date: 2012 (1964)  
Pages: 296   
Format: E-Book - EPUB  
Genre: Literary Fiction / Historical  
Source: Review Copy from Publisher

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King Stakh's Wild Hunt tells the tale of Andrey Belaretsky, a young folklorist who finds himself stranded by a storm in the castle of Marsh Firs, the seat of the fading aristocratic Yanovsky family. Offered refuge by Nadzeya, the last in the Yanovskys' line, he learns of the family curse and terrible apparitions that portend her early death and trap her in permanent, maddening fear. As Belaretsky begins to unravel the secrets of the Yanovskys, he himself becomes quarry of the Wild Hunt, silent phantoms who stalk the marshes on horseback and deliver death to all who cross their path. He must uncover the truth behind the ghostly hunt to release Nadzeya from her fate and undo the curse that hangs over the marshes. (Goodreads Synopsis)

King Stakh's Wild Hunt is an enticing mystery that keeps you guessing until the end. The reader wonders, along with Belaretsky, whether the Hunt is human or supernatural and the tension is nicely maintained from start to finish.

I particularly liked the way the story is woven into Belarusian history and the impact that has on the tale. The characters are intriguing and well drawn and all in all the book is a very enjoyable read.

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