Saturday 6 April 2013

Blue Moon (Anita Blake # 8) by Laurell K. Hamilton - Book Review

Title: Blue Moon (Anita Blake # 8)
Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
Publisher: Jove
Publication Date: 2002 (1998)
Pages: 420
Format: Paperback
Genre: Paranormal
Source: Xmas Gift

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In her eighth adventure, Anita Blake can't turn her back on a former lover during the full moon. Especially since he's behind bars-and he's a werewolf... (Goodreads Synopsis)

Another enjoyable instalment in Anita Blake's saga. Blue Moon has a good storyline, plenty of action and a great cast of characters. As well as being a story within itself, this book also advances the overall plot, particularly regarding the triumvirate and Anita's relationship with the werewolves and wereleopards.

This is the last of the Anita Blake books I have in my shelf, so I'll take a break from them for a while and perhaps try to get a few more later in the year.

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