Tuesday 30 July 2013

Book Review: We Had Stars Once by Constella Espj (Editor)

Title: We Had Stars Once
Author: Constella Espj (Editor)
Publisher: Critical Mass Rocketworks
Publication Date: 10 July 2013
Pages: 194
Format: E-Book - PDF
Genre: Fantasy
Source: Review Copy

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Join a girl discovering her true, supernatural origins. Follow a famous babysitter into space. Journey through dystopia with a man who has lost everything, and experience the exhilaration of finally making it home. Aliens, cocky knights, and superheroes do battle with inner darkness and things that go bump in the night. From the writers of Thursday Tales comes an imaginative anthology of darkness, adventure, betrayal and mystery. From sixteen minds come sixteen tales of fantasy, horror, and science fiction. A world of worlds awaits. (Goodreads Synopsis)

We Had Stars Once is an enjoyably eclectic collection of short stories that are perfect for a quick read before bed. For me the stand out tale was the one about the ghouls; that one really caught my imagination and held my interest. The others each had something to offer, too, although I liked some more than others.

Overall, if you are looking for a quick easy read that offers something a little different from the usual fare, then it would be worthwhile checking out this book.

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