Monday 9 September 2013

Book Excerpt Promo - Codename: Chimera by J. K. Persy

Today I welcome author J. K. Persy to the blog, to share a little about new release, Codename: Chimera. Over to you....

A famous millionaire dies under mysterious circumstances in the Brooklyn ghetto. What it was that made him go to such a dangerous place at night remains a mystery. The only clue is a book, Mythical Creatures of Ancient Greece, left on his body and opened at a page on Chimera. Private detective Kevin Kris takes on the case, helped by Penny, his trusty assistant, and Michael, his best friend. They soon uncover a chain of bloody events shrouded in mystery from the past. Little by little the private detective and his friends discover the real truth hidden by the Man With No Face.

Book Excerpt
A short, elderly man, dressed in an expensive suit, hastily made his way along the dark, unlit New York streets. Every now and then he glanced at his watch, as if he was afraid of missing an appointment. In the deathly pale light of the moon, he could see the hands of his watch moving toward midnight.
The man looked around nervously. He peered cautiously into the darkness, seeking out his invisible pursuer and then anxiously wiped his sweating brow with a handkerchief, unable to shake off the sense of some kind of unseen presence. 
Crooked shadows, blurred figures, muffled sounds...
He seemed to be not in a modern metropolis, but in a grim, mediaeval ghost town.
Suddenly, the man heard a voice.
“Your passport please, sir.”
“Your passport, sir,” repeated the Kennedy Airport employee cheerfully.
The fleeting vision vanished as suddenly as it had appeared, as the man came to.
“Yes, yes of course,” he said, somewhat hesitantly taking the document from his jacket pocket and handing it to the passport control officer.
“Are you OK darling?” The slim, young brunette, with aristocratic features, looked tenderly at her husband. 
“Yeah, Jess. I was just thinking about something.”
“Welcome to New York, Mr Peterson!” said the officer politely, as he handed back the passport.
In no time at all, Mr and Mrs Peterson had left Kennedy Airport and were in a cab on their way to the hotel.
New York greeted them with sunshine, congestion and a dizzy pace of life. Jessica was already anticipating persuading her husband, Morris, to take her around the most exclusive boutiques in Manhattan,  but seeing the anxious look on his face, she took his hand and said, soothingly:
“Don’t worry, darling. We’ll be free of it tomorrow.”
“Unless it kills me first,” Mr Peterson muttered.
“Don’t be ridiculous, Morris. That’s just a pile of nonsense. You shouldn’t believe everything you hear,” Jessica responded, reassuringly.
The hotel that Mr and Mrs Peterson arrived at exuded real class and luxury. Their suite was decorated in a classical style and seemed to have been made for lovers of the extravagant. The antique French chairs, the kingsize four-poster bed, the Dutch Masters on the walls, and all the other luxury items would have made an impression on even the most sophisticated connoisseur of fine interiors.
Jessica twirled around in front of the mirror, taking pleasure in her perfect figure. She could just picture herself dressed in the latest fashions from the New York catwalk.
“Darling, would you mind if I went out to meet some of my old classmates today?” Jessica asked sweetly. “I haven’t seen them in such a long time, and I would so like to have a cocktail or two with them, as we look back on our wild student days.”
“Just don’t be long,” Morris replied absently, his mind elsewhere. “Shall we breakfast here at the hotel?”
“Oh, yes!” Jessica could hardly contain herself.
Mr and Mrs Peterson went down to the first floor, to the restaurant. At such an early hour, the place was empty apart from an elderly lady who looked something like the Queen of England, a young girl with an Asian appearance and a respectable looking gentleman who was dressed to the nines.
Morris and Jessica placed their order.
Deep in thought, Mr Peterson placed a small antique item on the table and took an auction program booklet out of his case.
“Darling, do you mind if I go and powder my nose?” Jessica asked.
“No, you go ahead,” said Morris, his head buried in the booklet.
Once inside the ladies' restroom, Jessica checked to make sure there was no one around, and then took out her cell phone.
“I told you not to call me on this number!” she uttered, angrily. “Yes, tonight, just as we agreed… No, he doesn’t suspect a thing. Morris is all wrapped up in this auction… Are you crazy? It’s too risky! I have to go now. See you!”
Jessica went back to the table and started chatting away as if nothing had happened. Using all her charm, she managed to snap Morris out of his reverie and cheer him up, before asking him, innocently, to take her shopping. Her husband agreed almost instantly.
The day flew by, and soon it was evening, when Mrs Peterson went off to meet her old classmates, and did not make it back until morning. Returning to the hotel in the early hours, she was surprised to see that, even at that time of day, there were people on the leather couch in the lobby. Seeing her, they stood up and approached. Taking a second look, Jessica realized that these were no ordinary guests.
They were cops.

Author Bio
Our names are Jake and Kate Persy and we’re young, self-publishing writers. We’re a happy couple and our motto is ‘The best moment to be happy is right now’. We have a healthy, active lifestyle.
We love having fun and that’s why we’ve written Codename: Chimera. It’s been an exciting experience. We wanted to write an interesting mystery that you can sit back and enjoy and we hope that’s what we’ve done.


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