Sunday 20 October 2013

75 Reasons to Love Mads Mikkelsen

As many of you no doubt know, over the last few months I've become a huge, huge fan of Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen. Although I had seen Casino Royale before, I really discovered Mads through Hannibal and have been working my way through his filmography ever since (I only have a couple of films left to see and am considering some future posts with my thoughts on each film, so stay tuned for that). I was thinking the other day of all the things I like about him and decided to turn that into a list to share with you all. There are 75 points so far, but I may add to that in the future and welcome any suggestions for additions.Read on for the list!

1.   His amazing, nuanced performances
2.   How he can say so much with the smallest of gestures or expressions
3.   His captivating smile
4.   His kind eyes
5.   His stunning physique
6.   He can speak several languages
7.   He can act to perfection even when not fluent in a language
8.   His kindness to his fans
9.   He can dance
10. He can sing
11. He was once a gymnast
12. His charity work
13. His hair - which looks great in any style
14. He can make evil sexy
15. He can wear the most average clothes and still look like he stepped off a catwalk
16. He can really work a suit
17. His dedication to his work
18. His dedication to his family
19. He's not afraid to strip for the camera
20. His versatility as an actor
21. He can ride a horse
22. He can iceskate
23. His humility
24. The way he's remainined down to earth and not been seduced by Hollywood
25. His great sense of humour
26. His believable fight scenes
27. He's not afraid to set his looks aside for a role (De Grønne Slagtere)
28. His wonderful accent when speaking English
29. His sexy voice
30. 'Rød Kat, Rød Kat, Rød Kat' (Danish Red Cross Ad)
31. He can make ads selling holidays totally captivating
32. He looks good in a skirt (Clash of the Titans)
33. He can wear a full Windsor
34. He can drive like James Bond (Move On)
35. He can look good in hideous sandels (Adams Aebler)
36. He mimics playing the piano really well (Coco Chanel et Igor Stravinsky)
37. He looks dashing in period costume (En Kongelig Affaere)
38. The way he says 'Are you reconstructing his fantasies?', making us all shiver (Hannibal)

39. His ability to make cannibalism seem okay
40. He makes taking a bath erotic (Michael Kohlhaas)
41. The way he kicks like a dancer (Charlie Countryman)
42. He's great with children
43. He can do the Singing in the Rain dance (Monas Verden)
44. He's the only reason certain films are worth watching (King Arthur / Clash of the Titans)

45. Thanks to him women around the world now know at least one sentence in Danish: Jeg elsker dig!
46. He can fall over adorably (En Kort En Lang)
47. The 'don't threaten me with that giraffe' scene from De Grønne Slagtere
48. The train scene from Monas Verden
49. The ball scene in En Kongelig Affaere
50. Every time he walks into frame in any film or on any TV show!
51. The church scene in Jagten
52. The duel with D'Artagnan in The Three Musketeers
53. The way he flicks the casino chips in Casino Royale
54. He can play a believable drunk (Move On)
55. The 'det var en gammel kat' scene in Adams Aebler
56. The awkward kiss in the doorway in En Kort En Lang
57. He looks great with a gun... or a rapier. Just give the man a weapon!
58. The prostitute scene in Pusher II
59. His cheeky grins in Rejseholdet
60. He looks great in a cape (Torremolinos 73)
61. That amazing kiss in Nu
62. The fight scene in Hannibal - Fromage
63. The 'opera tears' in Hannibal - Sorbet

64. The fact he can make smoking cigarettes seem okay
65. The way he's brought us all together (Mads fans unite!)
66. The fact he's so unsavvy about social media (I find that sweet!)
67. He could read the phone book and it would sound steamy!
68. He inspired Halia Meguid to write a song about him
69. His interesting face that inspires the artists amongst us to draw, paint etc.
70. He inspires us to learn Danish (I'm doing so, anyway)
71. He's a great figurehead for the Danish film industry (I am now a huge convert to Scandinavian cinema)
72. His wonderful laugh
73. He looks gorgeous in a flower crown
74. He looks pretty in a dress (La Cage Aux Folles)
75. Because he's Mads Mikkelsen - what more can one say?


  1. Wonderful list and I agree with everything you've said. I would add #76 ... that he has chosen to share his many gifts with the world. How sad it would be if only his family and friends knew how extraordinary he is.

    1. Yes, that is very true! Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Check, check, check, this is a great list! Of course every fan will have a special #76. For me it would be that twitchy thing he does with his upper lip and his nose when the acting gets too intense... I love it!

    1. I know exactly what you mean! Thanks for stopping by the blog.

  3. Great list! You pretty much read my mind with a lot of these! I had seen Casino Royale but it was Hannibal that did it for me too :) I'm about 6 films into his filmography, so I've got a way to go yet, but I'm a total Nordic TV/film convert thanks to Mads as well! thanks for sharing this :)