Saturday 26 October 2013

Will Graham vs. Thomas La Cour

As you all no doubt know by now (it's hard to miss!), I'm a big fan of TV series Hannibal. This in turn has made me a big Mads Mikkelsen fan and I've been working my way through all his past films, including the Danish TV crime series Rejseholdet. Watching this series, I noticed an amazing correlation between the character of La Cour and Will Graham in Hannibal. I thought I'd share the spooky similarities with you all in a little comparison table below....

William Graham Thomas La Cour
Age: Early-mid 30s?? Age: 38
Occupation: Special Agent seconded
to the FBI to help catch serial killers
Occupation: DI in an elite mobile police
task force in Denmark

Girlfriend: Wants to date Alana
Bloom - a psychologist
Girlfriend: On-off relationship with a
psychologist named Helene
Skills: Empath. He can get inside the
minds of serial killers, recreating
their crimes step by step
Skills: Reconstruction of the
crime scenes in his mind, working
out how the crime was carried out.
Some pyschic ability
Worst Moment: Jailed when all the
evidence suggests he was responsible
for several murders actually
committed by the Chesapeake Ripper
Worst Moment: When a killer the
team were tracking is murdered, all
evidence points to La Cour, who
blacked out and cannot remember the
events of the night

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