Sunday 29 June 2014

Book Review: Wytchfire (Dragonkin #1) by Michael Meyerhofer

Title: Wytchfire (Dragonkin #1)
Author: Michael Meyerhofer
Red Adept Publishing
Publication Date: March 2014
Pages: 336
Format: E-Book - EPUB
Genre: Fantasy
Source: Review Copy from Author

In a land haunted by the legacy of dead dragons, Rowen Locke has been many things: orphan, gravedigger, mercenary. All he ever wanted was to become a Knight of Crane and wield a kingsteel sword against the kind of grown horrors his childhood knows all too well.

But that dream crumbled—replaced by a new nightmare.
War is overrunning the realms, an unprecedented duel of desire and revenge, steel and sorcery. And for one disgraced man who would be a knight, in a world where no one is blameless, the time has come to decide which side he’s on.
(Goodreads Synopsis)

Wytchfire is an interesting take on the fantasy genre with an eclectic collection of characters woven into a magical tale of sorcery, dragons and feuds. The pacing on the whole was good. I felt a slight drag in the middle, but things soon picked up again, leading to a climatic finale and a segue towards book two.

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