Saturday 11 July 2015

Book Review: Weapon - A Visual History of Arms and Armor

Title: Weapon: A Visual History of Arms and Armor
Author: Various
Publisher: DK

Publication Date: 2010 (2006)
Pages: 360
Format: Paperback
Genre: Non-Fiction / History
Source: Bought Copy

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For 4,000 years weapons, and the warriors who used them,have acted as the cutting edge of history, using ax, spear, bow, sword, gun, and cannon to determine the rise of kingdoms and the fall of empires. From the stone axes of the earliest warfare to the heavy artillery of today''s modern armies,this awe-inspiring book portrays for the first time the entire spectrum of weaponry. Illustrations explain key features and working mechanisms of important weapons Beautifully photographed and richly cataloged-often in actual size Details weapons that changed the face of warfare, from the sword to the Gatling gun. (Goodreads Synopsis)

Weapon is a wonderful resource, combining informative text with beautiful photos. The book charts the full history of weapons and armour and, as a writer, I find it a wonderful first point of call when I am checking for historical accuracy of weapons used in my stories.
A wonderful library addition to anyone interested in history, and in combat history in particular.

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