Friday 1 January 2016

Plans for 2016

I don't always go in for New Year Resolutions, but as it happens there are a few things I want to accomplish in 2016, so I thought I'd reveal them. Plus I have some news on my writing I can share at the same time.


I've had steady editing work during 2015 and I hope to continue building on that in 2016. I need to get a little bit more in if I want to be able to continue it as my main employment and not find other part-time work as well, so fingers crossed I'll be able to accomplish that goal. I love working for myself after years of jobs that made me miserable. Also, I adore editing. It feels great to help other writers, especially newcomers.


2015 was a bumper year for me, with several MM short stories published, alongside the three MF works I self-published. I hope to continue that success into 2016. I already have several MM works contracted (two short stories, a novella, and a short story collection), and those will release in February and March (more news in the coming weeks) and I have submissions almost ready to go on another ten or so MM anthology calls over the next eight months. In addition, I am waiting to hear back on an MM novella I submitted before Xmas.

Looking ahead, as well as the MM shorts, I am hoping to try my hand at a few MF anthology calls if I spy any suitable. Also, by the middle of the year, I aim to have my next MF novel (Historical PNR) ready for submission. After that, I have plans for another two MM novellas and an historical MF novel.

My overarching wish for 2016, though, is to look hard at my promotion. I did some in 2015, but I know I need to expand on that if I want to reach out to readers and get my work seen. Wish me luck.


Finally, on a personal level, I'd like to lose some more weight. I comfort-ate at my last workplace (before I left to pursue freelance editing and writing) and really piled on the pounds. I managed to shift a lot of it during late 2014 and 2015, but I still have a little bit left to work off. I have no set weight in mind, I simply want to get a stage where I'm confident in my appearance and happy with my fitness levels. So it's healthy eating and regular exercise for 2016.

I'd also like to work on my self-confidence; although I don't hold out hopes on that one as it's always been an issue for me. We'll see....

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