Wednesday 24 February 2016

Writing Update: February 2016

Welcome to the first of my bi-monthly writing updates for 2016. I have a lot going on with my writing this year, so these updates will be a way for me to share news on forthcoming releases and current projects for those of you who don't see the single-item updates on social media.

Nicki J. Markus 
We are at the one-year mark since I self-published some of my mainstream (MF) work. I've not had huge success with it and found it expensive, so at this stage I don't intend to self-publish much (if anything) in the future. That doesn't mean I'll stop writing MF; I'll simply look for a traditional publisher instead.

At present, my Gothic novel is with a beta reader. I hope to have a final draft ready for submission by mid-year. In addition, I have started work on some short stories for anthology calls and will be completing and submitting those in the coming months, with the intention of writing more later in the year if any calls grab my attention.

Asta Idonea
I already have a few MM works contracted for publication in 2016: two novellas, a short story collection, and several shorts in anthologies. Other shorts are currently with publishers, under consideration. Once I finish current MF projects, I will commence a new MM novella.

New and Forthcoming Publications

Hell to Pay (MM PNR novella) - Wayward Ink Publishing - Out Now!
Devouring Red (MM fantasy short) - Torquere Press

First Swallow of Spring (MM fantasy short) - Torquere Press - 16 March
Beastly Businessmen and Guitar Gods (MM contemporary short story collection) - Wayward Ink Publishing - 18 March
Meschianza Meetings (MM historical short) - Wayward Ink Publishing - 24 March

Later in the year....
Kangaroos Next 200km (MM contemporary short) - Torquere Press - 20 April
Quiet as a Mouse (MM contemporary PNR short) - Dreamspinner Press - 1 June

Fire Up My Heart (MM Sci-Fi novella) - Dreamspinner Press - May/June TBC
The Devil and the Lion (MM historical short) - TBC

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