Sunday 15 May 2016

Book Promo: All 'Ships May Sail by Maia Strong (FF)

All ’Ships May Sail
Maia Strong
18 May 2016
Torquere Press

Short story, f/f, contemporary
Spice level: Moderate

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Lori is new in town and looking to make friends, and maybe more. Hoping to meet people who share her interest in cosplay, she attends a local sci-fi/fantasy convention. Kara is a cosplayer who enjoys moderating costuming panels and hooking up for a con-weekend fling with a sexy fellow geek girl. They connect in their fandoms and in bed, but do the two share enough chemistry to take their relationship into real life? 


They strolled through the corridors of artwork, but Kara noticed very little of it. She was far more interested in her companion than in the semi-pornographic fairy paintings that seemed to be the focus of the current section they were in.
Lori stopped in front of a particularly evocative image. “Oh my. That’s...bendy.” She tipped her head to one side, leaning almost past horizontal.
Kara examined the picture in question. “Yeah it is.” She turned her head the opposite direction. It was like the artist had channeled Wendy Pini’s art and applied it to the Kama Sutra. “Is that physically possible?”
“Maybe if one actually had wings? I think we’d have to try it to find out for sure.”


What had she done? Lori scrambled to find other words. Correct her faux pas--and quickly. “I mean, not we, per se. I meant, one. You know. Generic. I mean-- Unless you wanted-- We could-- Shit. Sorry. I’ll stop talking.”
To her astonishment, Kara laughed. “Let me help with that.”
Suddenly Kara’s lips were on hers in a kiss that swiftly grew more passionate than was strictly appropriate for the public setting.
Lori brought her hands up to Kara’s shoulders and pushed her off. Not far. She didn’t want to be misunderstood. She just wanted not to be caught snogging next to a bunch of erotic fairy art. Just in time, too, as a trio of tweens in steampunky Girl Genius outfits came around the corner at that moment. The three girls stopped in front of the display and immediately began to point at the artwork, giggling and whispering.
“Sorry, I couldn’t resist,” said Kara in a low voice, and Lori couldn’t help noticing the flush in her cheeks and desire in her eyes.
She pulled Kara around the next corner and then another. “It’s all right. I’m glad you did it. I just think...we should maybe find a quieter spot?”

About the Author
Maia simply can't seem to keep her feet on the ground. When not writing about sexy people doing sexy things, you'll find her on stage or in the air as she splits her time between theatre and circus. Her previous books can be found on She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and kitties. She enjoys maple bars, soy latt├ęs, and writing about herself in the third person.

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