Sunday 19 June 2016

Book Review: Holding the Man by Timothy Conigrave

Title: Holding the Man
Author: Timothy Conigrave
Publisher: Penguin
Publication Date: 2009 (1995)
Pages: 286
Format: Paperback
Genre: Modern Classics
Source: Bought Copy

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The mid-seventies: at an all-boys Catholic school in Melbourne, Timothy Conigrave falls wildly and sweetly in love with the captain of the football team. So begins a relationship that weathers disapproval, separation and, ultimately death. With honesty and insight Holding the Man explores the highs and lows of any partnership, and the strength of heart both men have to find when they test positive to HIV. This is a book as refreshing and uplifting as it is moving; a funny and sad and celebratory account of growing up gay. (Goodreads Synopsis)

Holding the Man was at times funny and at times poignant and sad. I felt deeply connected to Timothy from the start, and even though the blurb tells the reader how it well end, I kept hoping for Timothy and John to succeed in their relationship. The book offers an insightful look into life growing up gay in the seventies and eighties, including the initial reactions to AIDS. A worthwhile read for anyone, regardless of sexual orientation. 4.5 stars

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