Wednesday 27 July 2016

Book Promo: Gothic Romance by LV Lloyd (MM)

Today I welcome my good friend and fellow MM author LV Lloyd to the blog. LV is here to share her newest release, Gothic Romance.

Gothic Romance
LV Lloyd
27 July 2016
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"It was pitch black outside, the only light came from the lantern at the front of the coach, bobbing crazily over the road. Wild gusts of wind threatened to tip them over every so often and the coachman gripped the reins even more tightly, swearing under his breath. Rain beat frantically against the windows as Jonathan peered out, hoping to catch a glimpse of Castle Blackstone, the place that would be his home for the next six years..."

When Jonathan Winters accepts a post as tutor to the only son of Lord D’Anvers, he looks forward to sharing his love of learning with his young pupil.  Not even arriving at Castle Blackstone in the middle of a thunderstorm can dampen his enthusiasm, nor the fact that the wing above his head is forbidden.
Absorbed with Evelyn’s education, Jonathan is completely unprepared to find himself the object of Lord D’Anvers’ attentions.
Until D’Anvers kisses him...

About the Author
After thirty years of working with the unemployed, coping with threats, tears, and broken lives (and these were only from fellow staff), LV Lloyd decided it was time to make her escape. And what better place to go than the world of m/m romance? She started writing Dangerous Tension, her first eBook in the Aurigan Space Saga, years ago, but put it aside due to work and family commitments.
In 2012, she dusted off the foolscap pages stored under her bed, finished the story, and turned it into a book. Since then, she has written five more eBooks in the Aurigan Space Saga series, and numerous short stories.
Gothic Romance is her first venture into a new genre, Historical Romance.
LV Lloyd lives in Adelaide, Australia, with her family and two cats. In her spare time she enjoys fishing and visiting the many local wineries.
You can visit her at

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