Saturday 20 August 2016

Book Review: Gothic Romance by L. V. Lloyd (MM Historical Novella)

Title: Gothic Romance
Author: L. V. Lloyd
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: 2016

Pages: 83
Format: E-Book - PDF
Genre: Historical MM
Source: Review Copy from Author

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When Jonathan Winters accepts a post as tutor to the only son of Lord D’Anvers, he looks forward to sharing his love of learning with his young pupil. Not even arriving at Castle Blackstone in the middle of a thunderstorm can dampen his enthusiasm, nor the fact that the wing above his head is forbidden.
Absorbed with Evelyn’s education, Jonathan is completely unprepared to find himself the object of Lord D’Anvers’ attentions.
Until D’Anvers kisses him...
(Goodreads Synopsis)

Gothic Romance is an enjoyable and suspenseful short read. There's plenty of mystery and I loved the portrayal of the main characters. A few grammar quirks, but nothing major. Otherwise the prose is very readable. Worth a read to while away an hour. I should note that the prose does dip into third person omniscient at times. That never bothered me as it was usually clear who was thinking what when, but readers who dislike this POV may want to be prepared.

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