Saturday 10 September 2016

Rainbow Snippet: 10 September 2016 - From 'Pride and Panoramas'

Saturday's here again! Time for more Rainbow Snippets. 

Today I thought I'd share something from my forthcoming release: an MM contemporary short story called Pride and Panoramas, which releases 12 September in Dreamspinner Press' Starstruck anthology. 

In this scene, cameraman Greg notices something is wrong with the film's handsome but haughty lead actor, Alaric Devin.

Other members of the cast and crew slipped away for their nicotine and caffeine fixes, too, but Greg stayed put. Ten minutes wasn’t long enough to warrant taking off all the camera gear, and he had no desperate need for either refreshment or a toilet break.
He was about to confirm the shots for the next scene when he happened to glance down at his screen and saw Alaric Devin was still in frame. The actor remained on one knee and was staring off into space. Frown lines creased his forehead, and his makeup had started to run under the lights, revealing dark circles beneath his eyes. He looked ill, and Greg felt a jolt of concern.

Dreamspinner Press
12 September 2016 

Audio Excerpt

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Featuring 'Pride and Panoramas' by Asta Idonea   Cameraman Gregory Ward is thrilled when he’s chosen to work on a new drama based upon a recently discovered “lost” work by Jane Austen, especially since Alaric Devin, an actor Greg has loved for years, is playing the lead. However, Alaric is nothing like the dashing heroes he portrays in his period pieces; he’s haughty and unpleasant, and Gregory wants nothing to do with him. But when Alaric falls ill, he steps in to help, and they see that if they can both move beyond their hangups, friendship and love might be found outside of fiction.


  1. Great description. More, please?

  2. I really liked the descriptions in this and ditto Greg's concern.

  3. Beautiful description, filled with quiet intensity.

  4. Intense, and it makes me wonder what's going on for him that he looks ill.

  5. Poor guy, I wonder what's happened to make him look like that. Hope Greg gets to find out.