Thursday 1 September 2016

Release Day & Giveaway: Age Is Just A Number: A Wayward Ink Publishing Anthology (MM)

Today is release day for the Wayward Ink Publishing anthology Age is Just a Number, which includes my MM historical short Stand and Deliver. Read on for an excerpt and the giveaway!

Age is Just a Number
Wayward Ink Publishing 
1 September 2016

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Wayward Ink Publishing / ARe 
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There’s something to be said for life experience, a little gray at the temple…

And then there is the appeal of youth.

When it comes to what the heart wants, Age Is Just A Number.


Eric Gober
An alien encounter...
An unfortunate misstep...
A lightning fast journey through space...
The laws of physics are about to wreak havoc on Walt and Michael’s May-December love.

Layla Dorine
When James spotted Rogue, a young man for whom wandering is like breathing, half-dozing on the hood of his car, he never expected that warning him about the dangers of sleeping out in the open would lead to a weekly visitor at his door.

Lily Velden
Upon the death of his grandfather, up and coming Fantasy author, Thomas, returns home.
A place he left four years earlier to get over his unrequited love for Sam Fletcher, his older, straight, and very much married neighbor.
Thomas soon discovers, however, that things are much changed with Sam…

Dale Cameron Lowry
Baking is a way of life for Joey, a young pastry chef vying for first place in the popular reality show American Master Bakers.
But the judges have been showing favoritism to Terence, an aggravatingly attractive older man with more experience under his belt.
When the competition gets hot, so do the two men. Can a relationship that started in hatred end in love?

Eddy LeFey
A young Omega shifter meets a much older Alpha.
Will Elliot let Issac help him be who he is too afraid to be?

Louise Lyons
The loss of his best friend leads Phil to find love.

Kassandra Lea
There's only one thing Kit Conley likes more than horses and that's Roman Meadery.
But will the elite rider ever notice him?

Carol Pedroso
Gus is under the thumb of a controlling father. Can meeting his mate give him a reason to make a break for freedom?
Nelson is twice Gus’ age, and very protective of what is his.
What will happen when Gus’ father tries to split them up? And what surprises does Nelson have up his sleeve?

Aimee Brissay
A few seconds, that's all it takes to make a difference between life and death.
Between killing someone and stopping on time.
But is it enough to turn yourself around when you've hit bottom?
Or to make you recognize something good when you have it?

Excerpt from Near Miss

Fuck, he’s gonna jump!
Teo couldn’t say how he knew it, but he was certain that the man, that small dark spot on the brightness of the tunnel exit, was going to kill himself. For an instant, Teo hesitated, frozen in the cabin of the subway train. Except for his heart, which beat wildly as if trying to burst through his chest. Then the training kicked in, and he jumped into motion. He wrenched his hand from the control panel and hit the red button on the side.
It felt strange in his palm—too big, too tight. Too red. Too unfamiliar. It sounded stupid, even to himself, but he couldn’t stop from thinking it. The alarm flooded the cabin, its ring sharp and disturbing.
With his eyes glued on the figure at the end of the tunnel, Teo pushed again on that red button, the emergency brake that could, and would, mean the difference between life and death.
The wheels squealed and screeched as the brakes engaged. Time stretched, and everything seemed to happen in slow motion. The darkness started to dissipate as they neared the tunnel’s end. His eyes fixed on the dot on the platform.
“Oh God, don’t jump! Just don’t jump!”
Teo hit the button again. Silent prayers mixed with curses in his head. He grabbed the handle with his free hand to steady himself, his fingers whitening from the grip. The exit closed in, suddenly looking big as life. The blurred figure at the end of the platform took shape. It was no longer a dark dot in a circle of light; it became a tiny human, who grew fast as the distance shortened.
“Stop, goddamn it! Stop!”
The train slowed down, but not fast enough.
Twelve meters. Ten. Seven.
Teo’s stomach tightened. His jaw locked. His muscles tensed, and he braced himself for the impact. The speed reduced almost to nothing, the screech of the brakes piercing his ears.
The pale-faced woman, because Teo could now see that it was a woman, turned to him, and their eyes met.
Five meters. Four.
He could see the details clearly. The clothes she wore were plain and dark. She clutched her purse as if she couldn’t bring herself to part with it, even though the end was so close. A gruesome end she chose for herself. Laughter, wild and hysterical, rolled through his chest at the image. It wasn’t funny. Nothing about the situation was, but his nerves, tightened to the limit, found it a release, easing some of the tension.

Prize:  $10 WIP Gift Card

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