Saturday 8 October 2016

Rainbow Snippets: 8 October 2016 - From 'Ruffle My Feathers'

Saturday's here again! Time for more Rainbow Snippets.

Earlier this week, NineStar Press contracted for my MM short story Ruffle My Feathers, which will release in their 2017 anthology, Behind the Layers, so I thought I'd share a sneak-peek before edits.

The story tells of Barrett, builder by day, cross-dresser by night. He is happy with his double life, until an unexpected audience member uncovers his secret.

Barrett reverently lifted the blonde wig from its stand and set it atop his head, fixing it in place. He arranged the curls and assessed his reflection. Only one thing was missing. He rose, turned toward the rack, and selected a gold feather boa from amongst the vast selection. With it draped around his shoulders, the transformation was complete. Barrett James was gone and in his place stood Betsy James, blonde bombshell.