Saturday 14 January 2017

Author Interview3 - Andrea Speed

Today I welcome Andrea Speed to the blog to answer a few questions for Interview³ and to share a little about one of her works.

Andrea Speed Author Interview³

1) Tell us 3 fun facts about your writing history

My grandmother was a published children’s author (no, you’ve never heard of her - her book’s been long out of print), and wanted to write adult books, but never got one published. She made writing seem like something that anybody could do, even me.

I had a couple different creative writing teachers tell me I was funny, which only fed my desire to be a commedian. Sadly, stage fright guaranteed I’d never be a stand up. But for many years I wanted to be a commedian just as much if not more than I wanted to be a writer. Which is why I sometimes call myself a failed commedian.

The Infected: Prey that exists now was not the first iteration of the story. There was a whole other Infected, with a couple of things in it that made the transition to the one people are familiar with - Paris was there, although he wasn’t quite the Paris you know and love; the cat cult was also there - but Roan wasn’t. I liked the story, but I didn’t think I’d quite gotten it, so I set the manuscript aside for a few years, never quite sure what was wrong with it. When I finally decided to have another go at the story, Roan showed up, and it worked. The lesson being, no matter how much you like a story, if you have the wrong character in it, it’s never going to work.

2) Describe your writing style in 3 words
Taciturn, snarky, dark

3) Name 3 of your literary influences
Douglas Adams, Ken Bruen, Tanith Lee

4) Share your 3 favourite books
Motherless Brooklyn by Jonathan Lethem, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson, and A Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to The Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

5) What are your 3 essential writing tools?
Computer, music, and alone time. If I can get it.

6) Where are your 3 favourite places to write?
My desk, the local library, and, if I had to pick a third place, I’d pick space. (Have never been, but who doesn’t want to go?)

7) Name 3 items on your writing wish list
Write this somewhat humorous space opera thing I’ve been dying to write for years. Write a seriously scary, no joke - well, maybe a couple, but not many - horror novel I’ve always wanted to write. And do a collaboration with an author I enjoy.

8) What are your top 3 tips for aspiring writers?
1. Always keep writing.
2. It all counts. Review? Writing. Fanfic? Writing. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not, because if it primes the pump (so to speak), it is.
3. Always read. You may take on the flavor of whoever you’ve been reading, but eventually you’ll be able to write past that. So keep going.

9) Tell us 3 of your writing plans for the year ahead
Finish a bloody manuscript.
Get something new published.
Consider Patreon.

10) Tell us about your latest release

Hearts of Darkness is my tribute (?) to the superhero genre. Kind of. As it involves two supervillains - a son or clone (he’s not sure) of an infamous supervillain, and his bodyguard, a genetically enhanced super-soldier trained by a death cult - who get in trouble and fall in love. Basically in that order. I used to be the EIC of a comic board, so superheroes and villains aren’t new to me, and it was a lot of fun writing this, as well as writing a lead character, Kaede, who finds all heroes and villains equally ridiculous. He didn’t ask to be among them, but now that he is, he intends to be the best of all of them.

Kaede Hiyashi is sick and tired of living in the shadow of his father, supervillain Doctor Terror. Brilliant but crazy, Doctor Terror sends his son to Corwyn, California, for reasons Kaede can’t imagine. Sent to accompany and protect him is Ash, a genetically modified supersoldier raised and trained by an infamous death cult.
Corwyn is lousy with superheroes, led by the obnoxious Dark Justice. Kaede finds himself dancing around Dark Justice as he digs into his father’s mysterious business and teaches his socially awkward—but physically lethal—bodyguard to acclimate to “normal” life. Can these two wacky supervillains figure out what Doctor Terror wants them to do, solve the riddle of the villain known as Black Hand, and keep Dark Justice from raining on their bloody parade? The course of love—and world domination—never did run smooth.
(YA - suitable for most audiences)

About the Author

Andrea Speed was born looking for trouble in some hot month without an R in it. While succeeding in finding Trouble, she has also been found by its twin brother, Clean Up, and is now on the run, wanted for the murder of a mop and a really cute, innocent bucket that was only one day away from retirement. (I was framed, I tell you – framed!)
In her spare time, she arms lemurs in preparation for the upcoming war against the Mole Men. Viva la revolution!

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