Tuesday 24 January 2017

Ten-Line Tuesday: The Ragnarök Chronicles by Nicki J. Markus

Welcome to the first Ten-Line Tuesday.
I realised recently that I post snippets of my LGBT work in Rainbow Snippets each week but do nothing similar for my mainstream fiction. Therefore, I decided to start this bimonthly post, in between my Writing Updates, to share a few lines from some of my MF stories.
I'll start with my major opus, The Ragnarök Chronicles.

The final remnants of the humming in her head stopped and Cassandra hesitated. The warning of danger was gone, as suddenly as it had arrived. Yet it was not that it had faded gradually; rather, it was as if a switch had been thrown, shutting it down. If it was ever there at all. What is going on with me lately? I keep acting like a crazy person. In place of the fear came a calmness, a sense of peace, that prompted her to relax. A little voice in the back of her head whispered that all was well, that she need not be afraid. It told her to trust the man before her. He meant her no harm, no harm at all.

The Ragnarök Chronicles
Nicki J Markus
2 March 2015

ISBN: 9780994234605 (paperback)
ISBN: 9780994234612 (eBook)

Fantasy Action/Fantasy Romance/Norse Myth
Heat Rating: 2

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For Ragnarök will be completed....

Nothing marks Cassandra out—except her visions. She’d only ever seen small, insignificant things. That is until the strange frost arrives.

With her normal life turned upside down, Cassandra is plunged into an extraordinary and terrifying world of Norse gods and rampaging giants, ancient feuds and broken prophecies.

A handsome stranger offers aid. But can Cassandra really trust him? More importantly, can she trust her own judgement when his slightest touch sets her heart and her body aflame?


  1. Love this book! (You know that already, but now I really want to read it again, even though I have 8658742655 million other books waiting to be read!). ~S. xo

    1. Thanks S.
      I think you win the position of my number one mainstream fiction fan. (A lovely guy called Michael claims the spot for my MM writing.) :)