Tuesday 14 February 2017

Tuesday Top Ten - Male Musical Theatre Solos

Last year I shared my favourite female songs from musicals, so this year I’m back with some of my favourite male ditties. My favourites as I write anyway; they do change according to my mood.

1.    Anthem - Chess
2.    This is the Moment - Jekyll and Hyde
3.    So, Farewell Good Angel - Jane Eyre
4.    Dieu que le monde est injuste - Notre Dame de Paris
5.    Die Unstillbare Gier - Tanz der Vampire
6.    Der Letzte Tanz - Elisabeth
7.    Johanna (Act II Quartet - Todd’s part) - Sweeney Todd
8.    Nespravedlivý Bůh - Dracula
9.    She Was There - The Scarlet Pimpernel
10.    I’m Alive - Next to Normal

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