Wednesday 29 March 2017

Top 3 Bullet Journal Spreads for Authors—Marketing

Last time I shared three great bullet journal spreads for authors. All of those focused more on planning and tracking for the books themselves, so this time I thought I’d share some tips for authors from a marketing prospective. (Those unsure what a bullet journal is should go HERE.)

1) Blogging and Social Media Tracker
All writers know you need a strong social media presence, but how can you keep track of what you’re posting where, and when. I am using this tracker (one per month) to keep a record of my postings and on which social media sites I am spending quality time. Here I mark off each day I post to my blog, spend time sharing tweets, participate in Rainbow Snippets etc. You can personalise this for your own social media practices and it’s a great way both to record past behaviour and plan for future posting.

2) Book Reviewer Database
Why not make a list of book reviewers who have helped you in the past, or those you come across or see recommended? This way, when you have a new release, you will have a handy quick reference guide to help you decide where to send review requests. You might want to capture the blog name, the blog address, the blogger’s name and contact details, and any reading preferences they have, to ensure you are sending your requests to those likely to say yes.

3) Marketing Resource Reference List
There are so many posts around offering marketing advice to authors. Some include great sites you can use for design, promotion etc. So often I watch a podcast, think “I must check out that site later”, and promptly forget about it. But if you have your BuJo to hand, you can create a list of these resources so you don’t lose track of them and can return to them later when you have the time to investigate further.

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