Saturday 8 April 2017

Weekend Blog Hops - 8 April 2017
If you could meet one author, dead or alive, who would it be?
Tough to pick just one, but I guess I would have to say Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. I love her Saint Germain historical vampire series and would enjoy chatting with her about how she chooses her period settings and conducts her research. 
Opening sentence:
'Lor' love you, sir!' Fevvers sang out in a voice that clanged like dustbins lids.

From page 56:
'Oh, sir! can you think of a more innocent way of earning a living, than to sell good ice-cream at modest prices to little children, after so many years of selling tricks to dirty old men.'

My Current Read
Nights at the Circus by Angela Carter
Is Sophie Fevvers, toast of Europe's capitals, part swan...or all fake?

Courted by the Prince of Wales and painted by Toulouse-Lautrec, she is an aerialiste extraordinaire and star of Colonel Kearney's circus. She is also part woman, part swan. Jack Walser, an American journalist, is on a quest to discover the truth behind her identity. Dazzled by his love for her, and desperate for the scoop of a lifetime, Walser has no choice but to join the circus on its magical tour through turn-of-the-nineteenth-century London, St Petersburg and Siberia.


  1. I don't know Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, but I would hope you would have a wonderful chat with her.

    ENJOY your weekend, and Happy Hopping!!

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  2. You have me curious for more. Happy weekend!

  3. It's been quite a while since I last tried something by Yarbro--Lost Prince, I think it was. Have you read that one? I can see why you would want to talk with the author. I'm always curious about an author's research and reason for their choice in story and setting.

    Thank you for sharing, Nicki. I hope you have a wonderful week.

    1. No, I've not read Lost Prince. I've stayed with her vampire fiction (Saint Germain/Olivia/Sisters of the Night) so far.

  4. Nights At the Circus sounds so good. Thanks for sharing your author meeting choice. :)

  5. NOw that is one intriguing sentence. I need to check this book out. Here is a link to my Friday 56:

  6. I really need to read Angela Carter. She's been on my list of must read authors for a while now. I hear she's amazing.

    1. I've only recently started to read some of her works, but I am enjoying it.

  7. I really like your choice of favorite author! Although I haven't read any of the novels in the St. Germain series, I've heard they're GREAT! Nice pick!! :)

    I also need to check out "Nights at the Circus". Any books in either the fantasy, urban fantasy, or magic realism genres are MUST READS for me!

    Thanks for sharing! Also, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my BBH post!! <3 :)