Thursday 4 May 2017

How I Write: To Plot or Not to Plot

To Plot or Not to Plot

The answer to this question, essentially, is that it’s up to you. Some people rely on extensive, detailed plotting before they so much as write ‘Chapter One’ in the manuscript. Others prefer to work out the story as they write, getting deep into the first draft without delay. I sit somewhere in the middle of these approaches.

I always commence with an idea of the plot in my head. For short stories this might be a few simple sentences. For longer works it can be a series of bullet points. I then get writing. I keep my initial ideas in mind, but then I see where the story and characters take me. If this introduces any contradictions or issues with pacing, I can address those in the first round of edits/second draft.

The trick for any writer is to find what works best for them. So give it a go both ways and see which is most conducive to helping you create the best possible story.

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