Saturday 22 July 2017

Weekend Blog Hops: 22 July 2017
Have you ever read a book or books you would consider 'toxic' because of the effect it (they) had on you?
Absolutely not. I don't think I would ever describe a book in such a way. I am very open-minded as a reader and always willing to pick up books that tackle uncomfortable subjects or express points of view different from my own. I would never vilify a book simply because I don't agree with the writer's (or a character's, as the case may be) stance. One of the reasons I read is to broaden my horizons.

Opening sentence:
Hester killed her first man at Castle Bryher.

From page 56:
It would be easier to trust him with her life if she could divine even the vaguest notion of his intentions.

My Current Read 
False Lights
K.J. Whittaker

Wellington is in secret captivity in the Scilly Isles and the Cornish are threatening to join forces with France against the English. Against this tumultuous backdrop, Hester Harewood manages to escape from the French soldiers who have killed her black sea captain father. Her rescuer – Jack 'Crow' Crowlas – takes her to shelter with his aristocratic family in London.

But soon they are embroiled in a web of treachery and espionage, as plans are laid to free Wellington and lead an uprising against the French occupation. Meanwhile, Crow's younger brother throws in his lot with the Cornish rebels and threatens to bring Hester and Crow's elaborate plans crashing down, as this spellbinding story builds towards its violent and gripping endgame.


  1. I'm definitely curious for more! :-) I added you to the Linky. Happy weekend!

    1. Thanks for adding me in. With time zone differences, I am always a little late getting that bit done. Just starting my rounds now!

  2. Good answer to the Blog Hop question.

    I phrased my answer about toxic in terms of what I thought toxic meant. :)

    1. Yes, it's certainly open to interpretation. I chose to take it pretty literally with my answer.

  3. Completely agree with your BBH answer - I've never considered any book that I've read toxic. Normally I will associate certain emotions with a book.

    1. Yes, that's true. Some books produce strong emotions; however, I think to use the word "toxic" is too much.

  4. Good idea on tweaking the meaning for your answer.

  5. Yes I love it when readers have the guts too read that are really uncomfortable for them I just love reading there reviews. I just wish I have the guts or the stomach to do the same thing, but sadly I don't it will just make me physical ill too read books that are not my cup of tea. And I think it won't do well with my metal illness but hopefully one day I can broaden my horizon as well. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog hop and have a great Sunday Nicki.

  6. I see where you're coming from with your answer. My take on this question, though, has nothing whatever to do with whether I agree or disagree with an author's point of view. It has everything to do with the way a book makes me feel. I can't handle the horror genre, as you know from reading my own answer to this question. These books totally TERRIFY me. I felt a LOT of fear and revulsion when I read "The Exorcist". And the effects of reading that book lingered in my mind for a VERY long time. Thus, they were very harmful, and yes, toxic, to me.

    The word "toxic" has the basic meaning of "poisonous". Of course, reading a certain book is not going to kill you. But it can indeed poison your mind and emotions.

    Here's another definition of this word, from the Merriam-Webster online dictionary: ""extremely harsh, malicious, or harmful Example: toxic sarcasm".

    Here's the link to the Merriam-Webster definition:

    As Katiria says in her comment above, reading "The Exorcist" made me feel almost physically ill. And in fact, many people who saw the movie when it first came out did get physically ill. There were some who fainted, while others threw up.

    I commend you for reading broadly. I feel the same way you do, but I definitely draw the line when it comes to the horror genre.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my own BBH post!! Sorry for the late comment back! <3 :)