Saturday 12 August 2017

Release Day: Her Majesty's Milken by Nicki J. Markus (historical/cogpunk)

Today is release day for my new MF historical/cogpunk novella Her Majesty's Milken. I am running a small blog tour to celebrate the release, including hosting a giveaway to win a copy of one of my short stories. Find out more below!

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Researching Her Majesty’s Milken

Research forms an important part of writing any historical fiction. Although the Victorian period is not my favourite era—that’s the Georgian/Regency for those interested—it is one with which I am very familiar. As such, my research for Her Majesty’s Milken mostly revolved around checking facts relating to the Koh-I-Noor and the Great Exhibition, as well as ensuring my costume knowledge was correct for that period. Normally I prefer to do 60% of my historical research from books and 40% from the Internet, simply because I feel more confident about the accuracy of any information that way. However, in this case, due to the nature of what I was researching, that position reversed since I found some excellent sites about the Great Exhibition which included maps of the exhibits. Plus, who doesn’t like to look up historical fashions all day?

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