Saturday 14 October 2017

Book Review: Thelema by Colin D. Campbell

Title: Thelema
Author: Colin D. Campbell 
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
Publication Date: 8 February 2018 
Pages: 217
Format: eBook - EPUB
Genre: Non-Fiction/Spirituality
Source: ARC via NetGalley

To truly understand the philosophy and practice of Thelema, you need to understand its charismatic founder, Aleister Crowley. Thelema demystifies this enigmatic figure, providing a brief explanation of Crowley's origins and showing how his thought and work became a paradigm-shifting approach to magick. This book also explores the texts and writings that form the basis of Thelema, and it provides step-by-step instructions for practicing the basic rites and rituals of this often-misunderstood tradition. With this accessible guide, you will also discover the influence of Qabalah, the Golden Dawn, Egyptian deities, Crowley's personal relationships, sex magick, the Thoth Tarot, Gnosticism, Eastern philosophy, yoga, and much more. (Goodreads Synopsis)

Thelema caught my eye on NetGalley because Aleister Crowley was someone about whom I knew very little (aside from the bad press). I found it fascinating to learn more about both his background and his beliefs. Campbell's work commences with a short but compelling biography of Crowley, showing the origin of his beliefs and practices. Then it goes on to outline those practices, and their place among other belief systems. All in all, it was an eye-opening read that has really improved my understanding of this interesting man.

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